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Little novice sewing woes...

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girl you look fierce:

Sara Thomas:
Wish I could advise. I'm planning to master my S.O.'s sewing machine....

.... at some later date, TBD...

But, as of yet, I don't even know how to thread a needle.

Would love to see a picture of the dress when you finish!

Take care - Sadie

Beth Andrea:
When I would make quilts, I had that same problem...fabric hanging off the table, dragging things down (queen size especially). There were two things I'd do:

First, put as much of the product on the table, and pull off just enough to allow easy feeding into the machine.

Second, locate the machine itself further onto the table. I normally had it about 4" (10cm) from the edge (just enough for the scissors and my hands), but doing large projects made me push the machine further on the table...about 10" (25cm) in. This created more of a work area to support the bulky material.

Hope this helps! Happy sewing!


Beth Andrea:
Another technique you might consider is either basting the larger parts together, or by mega- pinning them (if you're not already). It's a pain to align two heavy parts together with your fingers, and still focus on making a good stitch line...

Beth Andrea:
Re: Cutting out pieces

I've only made a couple dresses and corsets, but when I cut them out I pin the pattern to the fabric, use 3-4 small cans of tunafish as weights, and use the roller cutter to cut. I go slow, because I would press down lightly on the fabric with my fingers to prevent the roller from making a "wave" in front of the blade. You can make turns/curves with a roller cutter, and most patterns won't have major turns anyway.


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