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Hoo boy... *sigh*
Anybody "playing" this? Anybody ACTUALLY playing?

I got a small city going yesterday, but come today I can't find the server I used. Shame - I quite liked that city.
It might be nice, though, to put together a group region. It sounds like just the thing for quiet moments.

I would love to play this game.  However, the always on-line DRM has made it impossible for me to pay them money grabbing B******s for a game I was looking forward to.  I go places were there are very few internet connections, and their assertion that it is required for the new realism in the game is  quite frankly rubbish.  OK rant over!

Just started a region on this game called Tran County. Feel free to join in if you'd like, its public

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I still from time to time play the Sim City 4

I've been playing SimCity Build IT on my iPad for several years. I'm KMOD and my current tea is called The Diamond.



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