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Is anyone in to reptiles and amphibians ?? They are my favorite hobby

Years ago, I used to have quite a collection of lizards (no firebelly newt, just for curiousity). 

I had three breeding couples of Leopard Geckos; one male African-fat tail, two breeding couples of Standingi Day Geckos, one male Madagascar Giant, one male Peacock Day Gecko, and one male Gold-dust (all in separate tanks; breeding couples were tank segregated by species).

ALSO...had one Burundi Nile monitor, one Savannah; one Golden Tegu, and one White.   

Of the big saurians, definitely the White Tegu was my favorite; on the whole, however, I much preferred the Geckos...the Leopards for their personality and handleability, the Day Geckos for their aesthetic beauty (plus the challenge to create a proper rain-forest enclosure for the Madagascar Giant, the Peacock, and the Gold Dust day geckos).

What are you taking care of?

I have always been into Reptiles. When i was very young my mom's friend gave us her snake to take care of for the summer ( Cali King snake ) that was my first experience with snakes. Then high school rolled around and they just started a reptile club, run by one of the Biology teachers. It opened at the end of my sophomore year right before school got out and ( about 3 months until that school year ended) . I got to take home and care for a Red tailed Boa that summer.

That club was the first start of my LOVE for Reptiles !! We had 100's of live snakes, turtles, lizards, and  dragons. Everyday after school we would stay after and help feed, clean cages, handle and learn about the different reptiles we had there. I had a blast. My teacher started this programs in CT and was one of 6 schools to have live reptiles in the school. He has permits also for other species as well. We went on field trips to other elementary school to do live presentations for the kids. We also participated in town events and did presentations there also. Senior year i became an Officer of that club who. Ever was a senior that year , as a senior gift was given a snake of their choice from the club to keep. I chose a Jungle Carpet Python that i actually bought from the club my Junior year as a little neonate. I named him Irwin after my mentor growing up , Steve Irwin " The Crocodile Hunter".  I visited there not that long ago and they now have Tranchulas and other big bugs to :)

I no long have my snake though. I moved in with my now ex two years ago and when we broke up 2 years ago, i left Irwin behind to come back and get him later. My ex actually contacted me a week ago and i haven't heard from him in 2 years. He said that my snake came down with an illness right after i left and died :( I'm heart broken. I feel like i failed my beloved snake by leaving him behind.

Right now i have a Eastern Painted Turtle baby that i found in the middle of the street last summer, very i nursed him back to health and he is growing like crazy, always hungry haha. I do want to get a Salcuta Toroise hatching soon. I also really really want to get a Jungle Carpet Python again when i moved out of my parents house. They wont let me keep snakes as pets here. When i'm all done with college i want to get a bunch of snakes :) I also as my dream job, want to open a reptiles park/store and work with Reptiles, amphibians, some mammals, to educate people about the importance of reptiles in todays world.

Got to love Reptiles, wish I had room for them at my house, but 1 of my dogs loves to kill Tiger snakes and  Blue Tongue Lizards.
Mongral dog!
She got a Blue Tongue Lizard an nearly killed it before I saved the poor little thing (was about a foot long or more, they get big around my area). Took nearly a year before I could release it, but it was in a real bad way, that's for sure!
Got to love a Blue Tongue, can catch them fully grown and they tame real quickly! Done that a few times, tame them then release them in our yard. My way of getting rid of them snail's, Blue Tongues love snail's.

Yeah - lizards have played a huge role in my life...they were the impetus that set me on my current career; they set me up for a life of generalized intellectual curiosity and love of biology.

In a few years (once I leave my tiny little apartment), I hope to restart my hobby.  Probably with the Leopard Geckos and then the Day Geckos.  While I love the monitor lizards and tegus...obviously, they can be a handful, even with regular handling (plus the food, and the housing requirements).  Truth be told, if there was any one single lizard I could have the opportunity to take care of, without a doubt it would be the African Sungazer.  These aren't big lizards (14-18 inches), but they are so regal looking as they bask in the morning sun (hence the name, Sungazer).

It's always nice to find others who share a love of reptiles...I've been able to travel the world to feed my love for these lil' critters.  I've been to the rainforests of Costa Rica and seen the ever diminutive Reef geckos (full-grown...about an inch or two); and then obviously, full grown iguanas in both the rainforests and the sandy beaches.  While in Berlin, while most people were fixated on seeing the Komodo dragons and Salvator Water monitors, I was fixated on the Tuatara, aka the 'not really a lizard but quite possibly the closest reptile descendant of the dinosaurs'. so many things...the love of reptiles is a journey that will never end :)


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