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I like to bush walk.
 I come across the small Mountain Dragon lizards in Tasmania, and the white lipped brown snake, they are only a small snake and their bite can make you sick, never heard of anyone dieing from their bite.
The other types of lizards are manily skinks and there are 15 different types, plus the Blotched Blue Tongue Lizard, not bad for a relatively cool climate. 
We do have other snakes as well, Tiger snakes and Lowerland Copperheads. Tigers you will find everywhere, and the Copperhead lives in the marshy areas of Tasmania.
Our snake's are different to mainland Australia, due to our snake's having a grove down the back of their fangs. The mainland snake's have hypodermic fangs, and I know which snake I would rather get bitten by! Least with the Tasmanian  snake you have a better chance, seeing your jeans will get most of the poision on them!

I want a Crocodile Monitor Lizard sooooooooo bad. They are pretty dangerous to keep due to the sharp teeth hence the same crocodile lizard. I have seem people actually tame Crocodile Lizards , Komodo Dragons at some zoo, forget where though. YOu just have to work with them as a hatching. I saw some Blue Tongue Skinks some guy was selling. So pretty to look at and there scales are so glossy :)

Yes the Blue Tongue make a great pet that's for sure.

Talking about the reptiles makes me want another Blue Tounge or a White Lipped snake would be great!
Space is a problem, tanks are easy to make but the room in the house is the biggest problem, no room for the tank :(
1 of my friends breeds frogs in a tank in his bed room, they are the Brown Tree Frogs that he has. They do real well in his tank, he reproduces nature in his tanks. He also is very good with fish, fresh and salt water. his biggest tank holds 1.3 ton of water and is made from ply board with a glass front.

I want a salt water fish tank also !! They are so pretty to look at and the fish are so spectacular :) I want to get Nemo fish , clown fish in finding Nemo haha. I also want to get a Alligator in the future, i think they are allowed as pets or at least with a permit down south. I do know in NY you can get a permit to have a croc or alligator for educational purposes.

My mate had Nemo and clown fish, plus cone fish which are deadly if they get ya, plus a Lion Fish, they are deadly also.
The list just goes on and on. The one I liked was his Spounge Crab. It walked around the tank with a kids toy Blue Heghog on it's back! Funny to see that's for sure. Had to keep it out of the main part off the tank, as it liked to cut the coral of the rocks, which kills it. Very destructive they are! He liked all the deadly or weired fish.
 He now has a fresh water tank with some very large fish in it, looks choice, that's for sure. He sure know what he is doing, as the fish bred as soon as he put them into the tank he built. The biggest tank he had was 6 ton, with fresh water fish.

Too cold for crocs here in Tasmania, we don't have Alligators in Australia. But the crocs up north get real large that's for sure, known for taking people!


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