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Stupid decision
« on: March 17, 2013, 02:17:41 am »
Today, I was going to see a play with my mother. They served basic bar-like stuff, including some types of alcohol, soft drinks, lemonade and chips. My mother offered me a grenadine lemonade or juice, but I refused, because I thought I'd had more than enough sugar that day (a toast with honey with fruit juice followed with grapes... ^^'), and it was going to be bad for me.

Yet just after the play, my mother recommended we went to Tim Hortons (which can be described as somewhat similar to a "Canadian Dunkin Donuts"), because she felt like a little special snack. I agreed, because I was getting hungry, and because I wanted to spend some more time with her.

Well guess what! On top of the reasonable soup and bagel with light cream cheese, I got a frozen capuccino (sweet cold milk coffee) and a doughnut. I just KNOW caffeine is awful on me. And I just KNEW I'd had way too much sugar today.

As a result, it's 3 in the morning and only now am I going to go to bed. Uuuuugh!

I hope I can manage to fix my sleep schedule. I usually have a lot of trouble with that.
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