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Hey friends. Photography is the only real driving force for me (besides obviously being Stef!) So here are a few pictures I took. I shoot with a Canon 7D and a Yashica 50mm manual lens. Tell me what you think if you want
Caught Somewhere in Time by SparklyBee, on Flickr

Pollen! by SparklyBee, on Flickr

BeeHind! by SparklyBee, on Flickr

Silly Bumble! by SparklyBee, on Flickr

I love bees!

IMG_0041[1] by SparklyBee, on Flickr

I can see you and Madeline are going to bee best friends! Nice pictures, are they from your garden? Hugs, Devlyn

The pink hibiscus is in the garden. The bees are just being out with my camera. The jellyfish is from underwater whatever they call it at the Mall of America. I have tons all over I can share!


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