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Different religious and cultural traditions have differing ideas of reincarnation or rebirth (the terms matter). Very different ideas on what exactly is transmitted, what is a "soul", karma, the purpose of rebirth. Check out articles on hinduism, buddhism to start, but there are a lot of other traditions with these ideas. Happy hunting!

Well, if reincarnation exists, how did anyone get here to begin with?

Complicated that, an I doubt you would believe my tail anyway ;)

But for humans... Um, no idea actually. That is one of the blank spots I have.

i've been thinking about this thread ;).  i've come to the conclusion that reincarnation is possible, but it presupposes the existence of a soul that is separate from the physical body. as an atheist, i see no evidence that leads me to believe this to be true.  of course, the energy encompassed in the matter that is [me] will go to the fire that consumes my body or the life forms that decompose it; i suppose that could be a form of [reincarnation].

now, there's also a rather limited form of reincarnation called [quantum immortality] but it's only possible if the following two conditions are true.

1. reality is infinite, or at least sufficiently large that multiple exact copies of our brain exist. this would include many-worlds interpretations of quantum mechanics but despite the posted links is really not limited by those interpretations.

2. identity derives from brain process. meaning if two brains perform the same exact process, and contain the same exact information they share the same identity.

if these two conditions are met then the death of one brain copy does not necessarily result in the death of all brain copies. and [identity] continues on in living brain copies.

the key is we tend to assume that we only have one brain copy because our observations of reality are unable to distinguish between exact copies of reality. in fact quantum experiments such as [young's double slit] experiment give us strong hints that reality is multi-valued. indeed maybe the reason behind quantum indeterminacy is that we are unsure which exact copy of our brain we are. in other words, observer collapse of the quantum wavefunction could simply be the splitting of the identity of the observer.   :-\

Ok, I can understand that dilemma well enough. Do you have a handy explanation for the auras and such (truthfully I do not think that is related to a soul at all but *shrug*)? What of OOBs and the like? Hrm, anything else I can think of is too personal of a context (I.e. would not translate; kind of have to have been here I guess.) ... *ponder*

You know, to me, this is kind of strange. In my life, for as far back as I can remember, I have always had no doubt of past lives, remembrances of them all though history, etc. From where I sit is it kind of an eye opener to realize that not everyone either never thought on the topic or just didn't want to remember. Of course, that may still be the case with this particular topic but *shrug* My eyes were opened a while ago at another place. It is just kind of awe inspiring that so few others have had the same benefit of what I have. Heh, not that that does you any good, of course, but *shrug* If it means anything to you, to me, reincarnation and souls and past lives and stuff are facts.

In the context of this thread the amusing part is I was not taught this, heck I don't give much credence to any religion, some more than others. *shrug* So, for what it is worth.

Sand in the wind...


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