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Love and our health ( love is only unconditional)
« on: April 04, 2013, 08:41:41 pm »
Hello everybody and you have my love today. I wanted to bring to light some things I visualize through variables of experiences in my life.

 I work and think from foundations only. I always find pulling from the middle is like a bandaid or an Ostrich hiding it's head. My mind works very different. Not better but only in my talents, learning disabilities in things that are not natural to me seem impossible to take in.  I have lived a life saying thing and seeing things most do not. I have written of balance and been accused of thinking I a Budda or Jesus or whatever! LOL! I am different ok! So take that into consideration please. Thank you!:)

I can only visualize from solid foundations and most things in my life that I have found pain in I also find the foundation or source of imbalance that caused the pain. With seeing that I see how to fix it. (I have been this way my entire life).  What I see contradicts the realities of almost everyone I speak or spoke to. ( I am speaking from when I was like 5) My mother said i was the most frustrating child ever. I refused to believe what i was told because someone said so. I run everyone into question they cannot answer then I start telling them why from a different reality and perception I now see less than 1% of this world sees from. ( I am not alone but have not met anyone on my extreme level of absolutes)
At this older age I have identified myself as having some extremely blocked and weak learning ability but have a balance in me that does enable me to still work and navigate society without cop-outs and disabilities. I have noticed a direct connection to my visions to geometry and sound frequency science. , Sacred geometry, and sound frequency science are natural born talents I just know and is my way through this life. Sound frequency science is how ancient civilizations accomplished things we today want to give away credit to Aliens. I see exactly hoe 20 tone stone where moved up a mountain. I know how they did it but getting into it is such a far perception it would take a person years to even have the brain neurons acclimated to accept it. I can't even fully accept it and know it. That is how perceptions work. My life experiences are of this time and now so my knowledge is of this time and now. In our DNA all 12 strands (even the ones they want people to think are junk)  Is universal knowledge. To access this library of universal intelligence is done through sound frequency science. thought frequency. Our thoughts have a measurable frequency.

  Thoughts of sadness, anger, worry, ego, protection, responsibility, are thoughts of fear and are low frequency thoughts. Thoughts of Love , peace happiness, joy are high frequency thoughts. The longer the high frequency thoughts can be held the deeper into this DNA information you can get. It is thoughts positive thinking and love of self through working in service to others that generate this downloading learning tool. If this does not resonate with you then perhaps you are not ready to learn to evolve wish those of us utilizing this science to better the self and creation/Nature. I am saying think loving positive thoughts and you will grow as you desire.

 I have found a direct connection to the ancient Shamanic-like civilizations and the technology they used to balance large civilizations with nature and a direct almost exact teaching of this in quantum physics. Quantum physics leaves us with more possibilities for our growth than ancient Shamanic practices and sound frequency sciences.

 The main advisers, teachers, and spiritual higherarchy where men and women that lived the life of the opposite sex from their birth sex. Not all of them but many where. These people came in large #s in times of stress and small #s in peaceful times. Are you seeing how nature will balance us by sending us all with different talents?

 Like an ant colony, all is equal but workers have to be workers, people generally good at school should go to college. But what about the talented, the visionaries, and those with sight beyond the masses? Why are they suppressed of their natural born jobs, not believed by the more mundane masses? These people you will find drunk in the gutter, mentally ill,  prison, or doing their talents and living great even the society was against them the entire time.  (Joan jett is one of my favorite examples of someone who just knew who they are)

 I said I like foundations. We live in a society that lives on a perception of the 5 scenes as being physical. The physics following this physicality is called "Newtonian Mechanical Physics" Works great for slow things that do not need a foundation because they are temporary. But anything permanent needs a solid foundation to exist. Newtons Physics cannot hold an atom together, because physicality is an illusion of perception of the 5 scenes. It has no foundation.

 Once again, Quantum physics does have a wonderful foundation and simplifies how physical matter works. It is not physical at all. It is nothing more than light. The colors of the light spectrum are frequencies, an observer ( how quantum physics works) sees what the perceptions know to be reality and then electrons form atoms of the sound frequency to the color spectrum of the thoughts frequency of the observer. We create the world with our thoughts. The real physical and colorful world is proven to be in our thoughts only as physics and numbers do not lie.

The pain seems so real we must comply to the physical reality. Why,  you ask cant we just change the world and heal everything? We can but it would take about 1 out of every 200 people on the planet to have the same belief and frequency to over power the lower frequencies. 

Now I can start to get to some of my visions of balance. If I lost you, or you hate me don't worry about it. Most go psychotic to keep their physical reality as well. This only would mean you have chosen to not evolve.

I fully and very strongly believe that human thoughts of fear  disconnected strands of DNA on the planet from the lower frequency dencifiing light. I believe many of these strands need very high frequencies to function. Love is the highest frequency measured. With this I see earth life was a 12 strand DNA structure. Perhaps, at some time ( who knows 30,000 - 100,000 years ago) humanity grew or evolved in thought for better survival and knew brain power was the desired skill and as physics shows us the thought and desire will come if held as a belief of growth.

 I have my idea of how this world of 12 strand DNA would have been without thought perceptions of fear. But I will leave those thoughts as mine.

 Dominance and control is a victimizing act of fear. Stop thinking about it!  Group psychosis is used to justify dominance and control as " the right thing to do".   ( I see the earth and feel others see flags , borders, and papers.)

Human Growth has and technology seem to be based on protection, dominance and control, fear.

I have to get to the point why I am in health section. Think about it like this, we live in so much illusion of scarcity, and survival, we are all born with cancer. ( not really) We only decide it is our time to worry about getting it and we do. I believe illness is unnecessary based on physics. It is also impossible  for anything to protect anything as physics tells us the observer creates their own reality.

 I see speech patterns of downing negativity coming through movies and Tv sets when I am near them, radio too and many things of society are showing me impossibilities for people to feel much love these days. This is altering the perceptions of people to live in constant fear.As all things physical are sound frequencies of us according to physics. I feel changing anything for the better cannot happen from the middle of anything. Society is becoming far too complex for anyone to keep up with these days. Judging by the only technologies in 50 years are to protect and entertain the masses everything that frees us of servitude and scarcity is being patented by major banks to keep for themselves for so long now the opportunity to create a stage show beyond the terrorist one humanity gives into has got to be ready to go to blow the minds of everyone into fear and total submission. ( Not going to happen but I am sure those psychopaths are dreaming with their hidden quantum based technologies!)

This is not about that though. All this points to the fact illness and mental illness and crime is only showing us who we each are each and everyone of us. If it bothers you , you must find in you what it is. The horrible things that bother you can be showing you a small part of you that is off balance but  not bad like you observe. (Believe me, this is a daily exercise of self blame for me. I am pissed enough, I play punk rock open mic myself in a Hawaiian tourist town for my release, LOL!)

I am getting tired of writing this  and i dont have all the answers other than a new foundation of a new physics system will heal cancer from forming. I did see a new technology is killing growing cancer. Thumbs up, things like this and other good things you see coming is positive people believing it will. Eventually things will just work out for the good of all. It is a matter of belief in the heart what future humanity will have.  Perhaps copying my writing here posting elswhere can turn some heads thinking of there way to to bring about good things.

After all , Love is the ultimate currency, if humanity loved itself all things would be free as the Christmas morning to kids.

With this I want to let you know about technologies ready to go that we need to demand government to seize life saving technologies from being patented and the ones that are must be released. They have Mach 5 travel for us, ( not as your car but travel), Holographic  hand held computers that read thought frequency and learns you and works for you as a cyborg type technology to tech us anything we need to know to be the best us we can be. This will eliminate having to send kids to school and only have them in activities of their desires and talents
 Manufacturing needs can be fully quantized a well releasing us of having to buy manufactured items because the technology goes in your house , built into it. It created your house as a physical extension of those who reside within it leaving trees and earth alone through pure quantum light frequency.

Please never mind why I know this, I am not alone and many of you are a part of the disclosure as well. If I confuse you then please explain to me why we cannot find what part of our anatomy holds our consciousness. Because the first thought frequency can be measured from  the center of a 6 cell embryo. This center becomes the heart not the mind! Also know that all things hitting our five senses is signals sent to the mind. You have no idea what is outside of you other than the perceptions you have learnt to be. What you believe to be there is what you do not believe cannot be seen. This is how true physics  with a foundation works.

The purest form of ignorance is what we think we know!
Love and light always ,,, Anela Hiku,'ehiku Lani
Visionary of balance

We must value ourselves to our attributes and contributions to others and environment and not our ability to aquire monitery value through means of greed and backstabbing. In this system the greedy would eat what the dogs dont want.
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