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As I did not see a section devoted to television review, I thought I would post somewhere under entertainment.

[edit] Based on this we created the Television section[/edit]

Did anyone see CSI on Sat. night, and what did you think?  Positive/negative/or who cares?

I thought it did a fairly good job exposing the exploitive nature of those that hang on to the TG community for their own purposes, and that hide under the guise of altruism.  They get an "B+"

Portraying all TG's as psychotic sex-workers (we all know it's no more than 70% of the community at large) was not too cool, especially since no balancing portrayal of boring, tax-paying citizens was offered.  They get the standard "C- here."

For portraying only M2F's, and for falling into the standard line of pretty "good" post-op, and unatttactive "bad" non-op, I give them the big ole "F- here."

What do y'all think?    ???

"Can I rain on your parade today?"
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Ask an you shall receive Thundra :D

Is it me or does television not survive based mainly on stereotypes.