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Dancers ?


Any dancers here be they amateur or more and what style do you dance ?

And how do you feel when you dance does it put you in touch with any feelings ?

Me, for the past five years I have been studying oriental dance,  and I am the only male in my class and maybe my area as male oriental dancers are somewhat rare in the UK but we are there, we could just do with more male oriental dancers ?

As to how it makes us feel, that is me and many others both male and female report is that this form really does put oneself in touch with one's body and feelings and for me it has created fluid movement where I am no longer beset with age related aches and pains as my core muscle strength is superb thus creating the ideal posture, the dancer's posture, which is the most healthy posture one can adopt

I do whole heartedly recommend oriental dance to anyone and everyone be they male or female for it really is superb and does wonders for oneself in so many ways. And as to what one wears, one can please oneself one can dress in bedlah or not for the history of male oriental dancers is that of males that dressed as women, the khawala

I'm more of the turn up the stereo and dance around the house type ;D

but I did take some performing arts/dance classes when I was in college some super fun stuff. One guy in my contemplative dance class was doing a really interesting thesis on masculinity in dance.

Yeah the dancing I do there are mixed thoughts, where some teachers say I have to be more masculine in my dancing because I am not, where I say, start putting things on to appear something I am perhaps not then the natural movement is lost.

But I found it interesting where female dance teachers tell me to be more masculine but professional male performers in the same art form tell me just be natural and allow what comes out to come out unhindered as with this dance form check youtube, all male dancers each have their own interpretation where some are  very feminine and other the complete reverse of that.

Anyway a short five minute documentary for those interested in us weirdos

But personally I really do think we need to get shot of this masculine and feminine thing in the performing arts as performance is just what it is, a natural interpretation to a stimulus in the case of dance the language of music and as every story means something different to each and every one of us let music be the same.

Many people ask me whether I am a professional dancer, although I have never been. This makes me think about starting dancing class ::)


Megan S:
I love to dance. I cannot imagine my life without. I do primarily ballet and some tap. Dance is my escape from the world, my connection to myself, and is an expression of my femininity and who I am.


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