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Baby soft lips/exfoliating


Like many other girls sometimes my lips get a build up of dry skin on them from time to time and when that happens its time to EXFOLIATE!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to be showing you gals my method of how I get rid of all the dead skin, lets start.

Your going to need a toothbrush, toothpaste, sugar, lip moisturizer and your finger ;).

Step one:
With toothpaste on your toothbrush your going to scrub your lips for about a minute or so dont scrub too hard or too long, your lips will turn raw, past expirence  :P. When your finished scrubbing wash off toothpaste and dry your lips.
*note using the toothpaste will eventually lighten the tone of your lips if there dark or pigmented.

Step two: Your going to need sugar in a little bowl it can be either white or brown sugar, add a little water to your sugar then take the sugary water and scrub off the rest of the dead skin left on with your finger, pretty yummy if I must say ;). When done wash the sugar off
Step 3:
Add your moisturizer then your done! I also make my own homemade lip balm if you would like me to make a tutorial inbox me or leave a comment below!
Before:   After: your lips.
If you have any comments or would like me to make a certain tutorial dont be afraid to ask! :)

Joanna Dark:
I am generally pretty good with skin care and make up and stuff but this is really good tip. Never thought of it. Thanks! I'll try it.

Thank you, feel free to let me know how it works out for you!

Personally, I just lightly rub my exfoliating glove on and inside my lips until most of the peeling skin is out. Then, after shower, I finish up by biting my lips on a relatively rough fabric, such as a sweatshirt's elastic, and rubbing a little from left to right. Then my lips are all nice and soft. Honestly I think it works fine, and it sounds like it's less of a pain than your method. o:

I just wish my lips didn't renew their skin like that every week. It's annoying to have "textured" lips half of the time.

Adam (birkin):
I have the same problem a lot, this looks like it works really well...something else that has worked really well for me is mixing just sugar and honey, then rubbing it on.


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