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I am making a vest. The idea is for it to be same the general style as this jacket:
I have a general idea of what I want and the material and tools to do it, but I am having some trouble planning what to put where. I could use more examples to use as inspiration, but I can't find many. Just a couple things this guy wears. Does anyone have any ideas?

OH that looks like fun! I think you're just going to have to go to a fabric/crafts store like JoAnn's and just look around for stuff to put on it.

I do like those buffalo or Indian head coin buttons and snaps that you can get. I bought a few for a project I never knit.

Oh I've already got the stuff put on it. I'm just having trouble figuring which of what I have to put where and could use more examples of what clothing in this style can look like. After all, I want it to look good and not too much like a failed art project.

Oh okay, I just looked in google images to see if there were any other similar vests but, they're all kinda ugly. . .  like this: and. . .

These purses are pretty cool, maybe they can help inspire what to do on the back?

Or maybe this vest:

Not what I'm looking for, but thanks anyway.


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