Author Topic: Women at my Gym Wants to Have a Body Like Mine!!!  (Read 1472 times)

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Women at my Gym Wants to Have a Body Like Mine!!!
« on: June 03, 2007, 09:36:18 am »
This real nice German woman about my height has been asking me to show her my strength and aerobic training techniques, maybe she is just flirting but last night she told me she was envious of my physique. That kind of floored me, I never dreamed a cisgendered woman would say that.

The ladies gym is becoming quite a social experience for me and a boost to my confidence. There is some subtle cruising going on there, the sauna room is where the women get to know each other. I wonder just how well they are getting to know each other as I can't partake until I get back Thailand. :)

I noticed my German friend coming out of the sauna with another woman and they sat outside talking intimately for awhile. It is starting to get really frustrating. I don't think my German friend has a clue that I am TS, she hasn't developed the transdar that most San Franciscans have yet. I even hinted about it last night but she didn't pick up on it. She asked me to meet her Tuesday night (at the gym) I think I am going to ask her if she wants to meet for coffee. If nothing else, we could be friends.

I now have a rule that I don't go to bed with someone with whom I might have a relationship with until I know them for three months. OTOH that doesn't mean I can't just have casual sex with someone I am not interested in having a meaningful relationship with and I plan on doing so with both male and females after my surgery. It certainly appears that I will have the opportunity.