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Summer Solstice

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The 20th is the Summer Solstice and time to give thanks for all of the blessings in your life.

Also an excuse to get naked and party all night. Dancing, drinking, anything goes after the ceremony.

Maybe I'll shave my head or let someone carve a design in me.

Anybody else celebrate the change in seasons?

Wicked good fun.

By all means...

It is preceded a few days with a new moon too!  That's when I do the big celebration.  We're having a big cookout before we set up the astronomical instruments and stay up all night sharing views of galaxies and nebulae.

It's nice that it is warm at night for such an activity.  It's sad that these are the shortest nights of the year.

Call me "druish princess"  ;)


David W. Shelton:
Funny... she doesn't look druish...

I will admit that I DO tease my students just a little.  I tell them that the days are going to get shorter all summer along and herald the greatest day of the all!  The first day of the next school year!

The looks on my students faces fall so hard you can hear them in the next county!  >:D


Oh yes, I look druish... you can tell by the slope of my forhead.  It's a well known fact ;)



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