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Summer Solstice

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we'll probably commemerate the day with a nature walk... we don't really do formal ritual.. (which is a shame too, we have a gorgeous altar) 

Shana A:

--- Quote ---Anybody else celebrate the change in seasons?
--- End quote ---

Yes, we always celebrate the solstice. Any chance to dance under the moonlight is good  ;D Not sure what we'll do yet for this year.


we go to ancient dolmens which are dotted all over the island and get drunk  >:D

Another month till the winter Solstice. Trumps Xmas.


--- Quote from: lisagurl on November 19, 2007, 03:02:34 pm ---Another month till the winter Solstice. Trumps Xmas.

--- End quote ---

Well I actually love Xmas, though it is probably because of its connections to the winter solstice like the winter feeling, the trees, the lights, the beautiful decorations. It is certainly not because I love to stress over buying presents for the friends and family teehee.


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