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So... I am obviously geeky.... my main hobbies are programming and electronics.  I like drawing printed circuit boards and logical circuits,  it is kind of art for me :-).
In programming field I create programs for microcontrollers, not much pc related. .

Anyone interested in this kind of stuff ? :-)

I've been doing surface mount and through hole assembly and repair most of my life. No programming, though. You design it, I'll build it!

Northern Jane:
Sarah84 - that was my profession in the 1980s. Made a good living at it.


--- Quote from: Sarah84 on June 20, 2013, 04:38:09 pm ---Anyone interested in this kind of stuff ? :-)
--- End quote ---

Funny how one topic dies (lol penis thread RIP!) another (pun  >:-) )pops up !!!!

The best "programs for microcontrollers" WERE "pc related" !!!

Sarah, your prolly too young, missed most of the fun, do you know what the Cadillac "usct programmer" from SD Logic was used for ? I still have mine alas, the domain is "for sale" !!! The Pirateden (redirects to Lounge0101), 'interesting-devices' & sister site 'id-discussions' (all dot coms) are still there but . . .

Now-a-days the Corporate run gov't criminals hate competition and "We The People" exist solely to serve THEM !!! Few PC's have nine-pin serial anymore was a pretty accomplished hack "the crew" still lurks!

'megados' and 'no1b4me' were INFAMOUS, I was known as "Bugs" !!

--- Quote ---(a) On October 25, 2001, in the “ATSDSS” forum, “Ump25” posted a ... “ATSDSS” forum inquiring about how to manipulate the software on a pirated DIRECTV ...
--- End quote ---

Still ADDICTED to my ULTRA-EDIT32, a great FTP development editor with linked 'quick compile', pirates hate 'politically correct' !!!


I'm currently studying programming. Purely PC though, I have no experience with micro controllers.


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