Author Topic: Thanks to all those who stepped up to help the site this month!  (Read 429 times)

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In May the donations after fees totaled 3,285.85.  This brought us from a -1,436.48 deficit just paying out monthly expenses for the year to a total of 417.89 over the $2,000 monthly donation goal. Though Ideally we would have raised another 2,082.11 over those 5 months that would now be sitting in the site's operational buffer fund.

Thanks go out to the 102 Public Donors, and 22 anonymous ones including:

AbiJen, Alexa Ares, amsj42, Andi-Lee, Anne Blake, AnneK, Annie Van Ost, autumn08, awilliams1701, barbara1962, BeverlyAnn, Bibi, BillieC, BleedingRaindrops, Bluri, bunnymom, Caerabears (x2), CaptFido87, Caroline Wolf, Casady, Chelsea, christinej78, Claire Grey, Corrina, Dani, davina61, DawnOday, Dee~, Denise, DianaDays, Donean (x2), dusty97, ErinWDK, Georgette, Gina Silk, gloria6, gv2002, HappyMoni, IndieCred, Jacey Jones, JackieN, Jailynm, jamiekisses, Jazmynne (x2), jctylertoo, Jennifer.L, Jennw, Jessica, Josefa, JulieAllana, JulieOnHerWay, Juniper Autumn, K3lly (x2), kat69, KathyLauren, Katie Again (x2), KatieD, KatieP, Katiepie, Kendra, Kendra Akin, Kokoro, krobinson103, Laura5, Laurie, Lexi Nexi, LoriLorenz, Marcia, Maria77, markie, Maybebaby56, McMilitarySpouse, Megan., MichelleZelda, Nbj, Neoncowgirl61, Nicole70, nikkiannukts, Nina_NYC, Olebossy, OliviaMD, Patty_M, Paula1, PollyQMcLovely, rachaeljr, Rachel, Rae anne, randim, Rexine, Sarah1965, SnoBrittany, Stacitg1, Stevi (x2), suchatallgirl, Tatiana 79, TheAverageMinion, Tiresias 2, Toni213, ValaKyrie, VannaSiamese, vickijonesuk, and wendyg

Thanks to you all stepping up the crisis has been averted. Thank you so very much.

However with that said please donate whatever you can each month. If each of our 32,014 members donated 1$ each month. We wouldn't ever have financial issues trouble the site ever again. It would also bring in enough revenue to get a few more paid staff members to do things like writing interesting and highly informative articles on transgender subjects. Being able to do this with that amount, Just imagine what we can do if each donated 5$ per month.
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