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Hello ladies, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Veronica Paige. I am a 23 year old african american female impesonator(crossdresser). I want to begin the Transition cycle. I noticed some hormone therapy sites online sites that have hormones that you can buy. Would this be a good thing for me to do to start buying hormones online? I mean is it save to do something like this without a perscription? I just want to take all precautions into hand and thought.

Any scripted medication taken without a Dr's advice or knowlege is or can be dangerous.  This is why we. as a forum, do not condone self medication.

from the section on rules:

7. The discussion of hormone replacement therapy(HRT) and it's medications is permitted however, with the following limitations:

A. Advocating for or against a specific medication or combinations of medications for personal gain is strictly prohibited.
B. Discussing the means to acquire HRT medications without a prescription, and self medication without a doctors care is prohibited.
C. Discussing dosages is strongly discouraged to prevent information obtained on this site from being used to self medicate.

We can not in good conscience condone the self administering of these medications. Not only may self medication be illegal but HRT medications can cause serious health problems and many have the potential for life-threatening side effects that can only be detected and prevented with proper medical supervision..

Thank you Leigh for responding so quickly, and also thank you for a serious feedback. How should I go about this situation? I don't think there is a doctor in my city that specifies in Transgender patients

Northern Jane:
A further note:

OnLine pharmacies in Canada DO require a prescription from you doctor and that is reviewed by a Canadian doctor.

Some other countries that are known for their online services are notorious for offering inferior medications, in some cases, outright fakes!

I am sure, if you make enough enquiries, you can find a local doctor.

If not, you could do what I did back in the 1960s and find a doctor in another city. It would require at least one face-to-face visit but he/she would probably then cover you for a couple of years with maybe only some occassional lab work.

Hello Veronica,

I guess the big question is why do you want to take hormones?  You mentioned that you are a female impersonator, so do you want to take hormones to improve your act?  If this is the case then I'm not sure that there are many physicians around who would prescribe mones just for that reason.

HRT is a serious step to take and one that shouldn't be taked lightly.  Taking hormones without the proper supervision can be very dangerous.

Just to clarify one thing, transitioin is not a cycle.  It's either completed or it's not.  Once started transition can and will have far reaching effects on both the person and those around them, some of which cannot be reversed.  Transition should not be taken lightly and generally should not be undertaken without proper counceling, and a viable support system in place.

Just some points to ponder


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