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Discussing HRT Medications
« on: July 26, 2013, 11:49:03 pm »
You may discuss over the counter, prescription medications, and (OTC) herbal supplements in the HRT board provided doing so falls under the terms of service.

You may not disclose excessive copyrighted information on the site that you do not own the rights to, and you may not use trademarked program names.

You are prohibited from making medical diagnoses or recommending a specific product, or course of treatment. You can and should recommend that someone should discuss topics of that nature with their doctor.

A, B, and C of Rule 8 from the Terms of Service applies to HRT drugs which require a prescription by law.

Items A, and C also apply to discussion of OTC herbal alternatives to prescription HRT drugs.

8. The discussion of hormone replacement therapy(HRT) and it's medications are permitted, with the following limitations:
    A. You may not advocate for or against a specific medication or combinations of medication for personal gain. This is strictly prohibited.
    B. You may not discuss the means to acquire HRT medications without a prescription. The discussion of self medication without a doctors supervision is prohibited.
    C. The discussion of recommended or actual dosages is strongly discouraged to prevent information obtained on this site from being used to self medicate.

You may not discuss Pueraria Mirifica or Diane-35 on this site at all due to their being linked with serious health complications.

If we feel that someone is intentionally violating part A of rule 8, all mention of that product will be prohibited on the site. This has already happened once before with Diane-35.
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