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Loosing weight before or after transition

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Hi, I'm currently a pre-everything atm trying to get my gp to send me somewhere that will actually help me.

One thing i've not been sure about is is it better to try to loose weight before or after transitioning?

I have an extra few pounds I wanna get rid of and will continue to do so, but wondered, is it better to wait until after transitioning as I know that hormones for a MTF do affect fat positioning in the waist/hips area.

also any tips on how I can get my dad on board and supporting me as I really could do with his support. I've told him briefly though its been a kind of taboo subject and I just want to say ok, I hope you accept this, can you help. My main problem is that I feel that when I originally mentioned it he was in that kind of mood where he could be loosing an only son so I don't want to mess this up, if you get me.

any help and advice is appreciated :)


Night Haven:
Disclaimer: This is only based on a few sources I've read online. A person who's actually experienced MtF hormone replacement therapy will be much more qualified to answer your question.
From what I've read, it looks like any weight gain you experience while on HRT will go to where-ever it should be for a woman (talking MtF) or a man (FtM), but most of the fat you have already will stay where it is.
Granted, your body's going to be changing a lot with this, and maybe my sources are a little off or downright incorrect.
With that information, though, I'd try to lose weight now, especially if you want to slim down to a more androgynous or feminine figure, so if you start gaining weight after starting HRT it'll be in the right places.
*Shrugs* My take on it; you could always ask Google and see what you get from there.

If you loose weight now, you will loose it in the male pattern.  If you later gain weight while on E, you will gain some of it in the female pattern and some of it in the male pattern as there are still fat cells there. 

However, if you loose weight while on E, you will loose it from mostly male areas but you will loose some from all over as that’s what happens when a woman looses weight. 

It is harder to loose weight as a woman….

There are some old threads about this.  My post was that you should loose weight when ever but once at the desired weight and on E, “bounce” your weight – gain 10, loose 10, loose 10, gain 10 ect.  This will redistribute your weight in a more typical female pattern. 


It's not that I want to get to a specific weight, it's just that my waist line is quite erm large, I'm not fussed about my weight, more my figure...

But thanks for your advice anyway :)

It is far easier to lose weight prior to HRT. You may also find that if you are a lot overweight the endocrinologist will be reluctant to prescribe as it is a major risk factor for DVT etc.

The 'fat' (sorry) you are carrying now will not redistribute it will remain and once your muscle mass decreases due to lack of T, then it will be more difficult to lose.

Without meaning anything, when I went on HRT and transitioned I wanted the new me to be lean and gorgeous, I finally had a body I was proud of and I enjoy guys looking at me :laugh:

Your Dad may want to visit the SO section or post on here and members can talk to him, if he wishes to understand what we go through and why.




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