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Loosing weight before or after transition

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Sophia Sage:
If anything, I think it helps to get a little underweight. Limit your calories, and exercise vigorously ramping up to an hour a day six days a week, with a mix of cardio (mostly cardio) and resistance training to keep your metabolism up.

At the very least, do this before you have surgery. Before HRT if you can -- it'll make your hormones that much more effective. 

As for weight gain after all is said and done, it's not going to be a panacea.  If you've got a beer belly now, that's what you'll get going forward.  It won't all go to your hips. 

well lost 8lb this week,just 40 to go ::)


--- Quote from: davina61 on January 08, 2017, 06:59:13 am ---well lost 8lb this week,just 40 to go ::)

--- End quote ---

Yes , goodluck Davina, iam trying to lose weight too before any surgery.

I've been stuck at my weight since I started HRT.  I lost about 40Lbs prior to that, reading this I now wish I had waited, just so I could lose a bit more, but I'm not going to stop now, just going to try to do more to continue losing weight.

Based on the assumption that it’ll be much harder to lose weight after hrt, I have lost 110# over the last year doing 3-4 hours of high intensity cardio a week, combined with a low sodium and low calorie diet, completely got rid of soda ( that was really super hard for me), and dramatically cutting down on beer and so on. I do worry that when/if hrt starts that there won’t be much to redistribute as it is. The drop from 14 >> 8 though does wonders for self esteem and have way more energy.


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