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DC Universe or Marvel?

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I am lame as i have never read a comic from either franchise. I will someday, and i will go to a comic con too. I have seen various episodes, animated, live-action, non-live, and numerous movies. But where do i stand?

Marvel for me.

I will go to comicon in a spidergirl outfit one day...

It's about 50/50 for me. While I love the Marvel universe and how it's done an amazing job of building a consistent and interconnected universe, DC has some of my favorite titles: Hellblazer, Sandman, and Animal Man are all part of the DC cannon, and then there's Green Lantern. I love me some Geoff Johns GL.

Amelia Pond:
I like them both. However, I'm really more of a DC girl. ;)

If you're talking about more recent comics, both have good and bad comics. DC messed some things up with New 52 that I don't like but some comics are still good.

I have also found that DC/WB generally makes very good animated films and many good TV shows but their live action movies...  :icon_blah:

Their more recent live action TV shows have been awesome (Smallville, Arrow, and hopefully the upcoming Flash show) though.

From some of the Marvel Now comics I've read Marvel seems like it's improving. I was an avid Marvel fan in the early 90's but took a break from them, stupid teenage years making me think I was sooo mature  :rolleyes:, until the early 2000's and then, IMHO, Marvel had just gone downhill. It lost a lot of what made it great before. Some comics were okay during this time but not for the most part. Then again, some people loved Marvel when I thought they were lousy.

I've also found that Marvel makes better live action movies (thank you Marvel Studios) than they make animated movies/shows. They still have some good animated stuff too.


I mostly find comics cheesy. But as far as they go, DC Batman graphic novels are great. Specifically the Dark Knight mythos. Any graphic novel that portrays the dark aspects of the Batman universe is just brilliant.

Batman: Year one
Dark Knight Returns
The Killing Joke
Arkham Asylum (the novel, not the game, but the game is good too!)
The Man Who Laughs
Gotham by Gaslight
The Long Halloween

are just a few great ones that DC has to offer.


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