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New section added to Legal - Name Change

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I've added a section on changing your name as it applies to the Province of Ontario, in Canada.


Gosh Steph! There you go again. I was just thinking last night that I might do a topic on my name change here in Georgia. I can't say I'll get it done today but I've got some stuff I can add that might be useful we could add to the Wiki.


Arright, you shamed me into it! I added one for British Columbia name change and other documentation.

I guess we should do one for federal documents as well. I've done my SIN, but haven't had my citizenship card returned yet, so I don't know if what I did was right.



--- Quote from: melissa_girl on November 16, 2005, 01:16:32 pm ---I love wiki!!! ;D  I can correct spelling mistakes.  Yay.  That's something about webpages I wished I could do many times.

--- End quote ---

If you enjoy it hon,  have at it! :)

Heh, and I managed to correct where I put the information. I hadn't realized there was a separate section for drivers' licences. Moved the DL stuff to there and kept the name change stuff where it was.



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