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New section added to Legal - Name Change

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--- Quote from: Dennis on November 16, 2005, 01:11:31 pm ---Arright, you shamed me into it! I added one for British Columbia name change and other documentation.

I guess we should do one for federal documents as well. I've done my SIN, but haven't had my citizenship card returned yet, so I don't know if what I did was right.


--- End quote ---

Ok Dennis, I just updated Ontario and added a section for the Federal Government, check it out and see if there is anything Canadians should consider.

Chat later,


OK, I added one thing for those of us who were not born here. It takes FOREVER to get a citizenship card, and if you don't change your SIN first, you're hooped.

I sent my change in to citizenship in August. Got a letter in September saying it would take 5-7 months. I just got a letter last week that said it would take "longer than expected". So I'm trapped in the country for god knows how long.


The link in Ontario's information doesn't work. It redirects to

ETA: It seems to be a problem with the website itself, I even tried finding it through the home page and it directs me to there.

Thanks for mentioning the dead link, krptcmschfmkr128. It moved on us, again.

The corrected, correct link is Changing Your Name (Ontario). Corrected again 2/28

No problem! They still direct to a dead link though for printing the form.  ::) Gotta love Gonvernment of any sort! lol


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