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homo/trans reference in islam


I hope I don't offend anyone,

I'm not religious in spirit. I been studing on some turism last month in my area, and since theres alot of muslims living there I decided to read abit about islam just for studing it, Now I decide in general I want to read diffrent kinds of religions and myhologys just for simple being curious whats it about.
Anyway, meanwhile reading I been specially interesteed in focuing on finding special quotes who would forbid homosexualety or <not allowed> or in general say anything about that, I don't remember I found it, maybe 1 quote of a woman not allowed to wear mans clothing but I don't remember the quote exactly right now.

on the homosexual spot I found 2 quotes who made me think:
I have to mention that I do not know much arabic so these are translations.

I wonder what anyone think of them or if people who got more knowlegde want to share quotes either for or agenst the idea about trans or homo bi, queer acording to islam?
"in North of Syria many christians lived, one of them where Faymiyun a fair, honest and modest man which prayers was heard.
he worked as a bricklayer and went from town to town where he build bricks with clay, and build for people. He never worked during the sunday but went to the desert where he prayed untill the night came.
Now there where a man called Salih who lived in one of the towns. he was facinated by Faymiyun when he during sunday when to the desert to pray.

one sunday while Faymiyun  was in deep concentration of his pray, a snake came near, Faymiyun noticed it and cursed it so it died, but from his hidding place Salih couldn't see what happent and he shouted. "Faymiyun carefull theres a snake!
Faymiyun continued unmoved his pray untill the night came. When Salih knew he had been spotted he turned to Faymiyun.

"Famyyun, never have I liked/loved, any human more than you, allow me to always be with you and be where you are.
you know how I live, Faymiyun answered, but if your content with such kind of life then come with me."
"now the men from paradise whiched them welcome, here you will be served by maidens and boy who stay young forever"
this is a small quote from when muhammed tells about paradice, the thing of "young boys" seams innocent, but on the other hand muhammed had also marrige himself to aisha when she was just a girl, and and the Bacha Bazi culture in auganistan culture made me think of theres a connection in this quote or if im overthinking it.


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