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I am not sure how many muslims use this forum so i had to post this request in here. I am a muslim FTM trans and in the past few years i did alot of research online to find out if transsexuality is haram in islam or not. I came across few sites that have information and after alot of questions i was told that transsexuality is not haram. But i still have alot of questions so i was wondering if anyone knows a sheikh who knows alot about this topic? There are few sheikh where i live but they are not so knowledgable in this area, they make it easy for them and say transsexuality is haram because allah never makes a mistake but when you ask them what about when someone is born blind or deaf? Then they say oh allah tests every human being in different ways except transsexuality. I do not want to ask the sheikhs in here so if anyone knows a sheikh and i could get their email it would really help me or if anyone knows a website that i could go on and get more information please.

Thank you,
Salman    :)

There's Imam Dayee Abdullah in the US and Imam Muhsin Hendricks in Sth Africa.Both are openly gay religious leaders.Imam Dayee is a revert and self educated,but Imam Hendricks studied in Pakistan and was quite well respected til he came out.But,as I'm sure you know,the general consensus of the scholars is that when we transition we're big sinners who choose this.We're in the same boat as the gays,in that it's not inherantly sinful to be like this but acting on our feelings is. >:(

i am a muslim. from what i learn so far, transexual is still acceptable as long as the urge is continuous and intense not just because you feel aroused when you are using women clothes or just a temporary feeling caused by society. But gay/lesbian is strictly prohibited. That is a two totally different things, don't get it mixed up.

Thank you Shakira and Pricessmma :)

What I have noticed is that there such lack of information when it comes to transsexual and homosexual. The masjids that are in my town never discuss things like this and if anyone brings such topics up then they and their whole family turn into the topic of the town.

Jus wanted to ask you guys if your families are aware? I mean have any of you come out yet? I am having a really hard time but I have decide that before the new year (2014) i want to tell my parents since i am already 24 but not sure how; i hope allah will guide me and make it easy for me and my family/friends.

yes i agree..they havent give much attention on this issue.. yes, but only my mother.. i think it'll be better to do it one step at a time.. you should too, pick a family member that you think is most open minded..


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