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I know with muslim communities stuff like this always gets ignored. I find that with muslims most of the time they ignore thnking that it will just fade away but it is not like that.

Oh thats good, i am glad to hear that :) what was her reaction? And how long did it take for her to completely agree with it? (Hope you dont mind me asking you stuff like this :/)
Yea, i have to come out because i am 24 and by 30 i want to be the real me. My family is really big on religion and something like this has never happened in my family or community. Few times i tried bringing something like this up but their reaction just kills my hope but i know i have to do it. My plan is to come out to my whole family (probably 1 by 1) by end of this year and start a new life in 2014.

Muslims for progressive values (Canada) can help,with the religious side as well as support when you come out.You can contact them at 

thank you shakira :)

From what I understood it's haram to change anything so undergo SRS or HRT is prohibited as well as dressing as the opposite sex, and for changing anything about yourself even just a nosejob is haram not just being transgender...

I don't know how closely linked with Muslim culture it is, but I read somewhere that the Iranian government will completely fund GRS because they consider it a 'cure' for homosexuality. (Obviously it only works if you intend to be heterosexual post op)
I assumed that religion heavily influenced the governments position, but I could be wrong. Perhaps contacting whatever office handles GRS applications in Iran and asking them could be helpful.


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