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Hi everyone.

I've searched the net for info on this but can't find anything. One of my life long ambitions has been to own my own horse, but so far lack of money and time have got in the way. I really, really want to compete in affiliated show jumping.

I'm hoping to start my transition pretty soon (ftm) and am wondering if this will mean I am not allowed to compete, or at least compete affiliated.  Men and women compete together as strength isn't necessarily an advantage, so there'd be no issues about being the 'wrong gender' and  competing in an unfair category (as in would I be considered male or female for competition rules). However, of course testosterone is an illegal substance if administered outside the body (is in your own body didn't produce it).

I only want to do local level comps, so it's nothing major where it would be unfair, and I've never heard of anyone being tested. Does anyone think when I'm finally able to compete (could be years yet) I should just go ahead and not disclose I'm trans? Or try and apply for a certificate saying what I'm taking is needed for medical reasons. At the end of the day testosterone levels etc will only be within the normal make range, so technically there's no advantage being made by the fact I'd be taking it.

Also as the horsey world is very small it would probably mean someone somewhere knew of my past (I'm an older ftm by the way, so my horse career goes back many years).

Anyone have any experience with this?

Thanks :)



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