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Not sure where else to post this but, reincarnation, is it real or not? I ask a simple yet VERY hard question to answer since obviously, this requires proof. Now WHY am I asking such a simple but hard to answer question? Good question indeed. :) Truth is, I myself have a few memories which just flat out ISN'T possible for me to have unless a few things were the case and one of those is that of reincarnation. Sure these "memories" could have been a dream, maybe I made them up? Or perhaps somehow I got them from someone else. (They aren't my memories but somehow I'm seeing their memories and this is different from reincarnation since I'm me and they're them) I'll tell you the memories I have.

1. I have some memories here and there of a place I believe to be Japan yet I've never been to Japan and other than "possibly" a "few" shows I watched which had scenes of Japan, I can't explain why I have these memories. Yet I heard that most Americans see the man on the moon while most Japanese see the Bunny on the moon, I see the Bunny and only once saw the man on the moon. I happen to love Japan too. Coincidence? I can't say for sure so I don't know.

2. I remember talking to someone who I believe to be God because I asked that being to make me a boy. (Or let me be born a boy) I was clearly a female at that point and why in the UNIVERSE I'd ask such a thing!? I honestly have no idea but boy if that really did happen, I wish I hadn't been so stupid! >_< (Obviously I want to be a female and do away with this male body)

3. Later on I remember taking a shower, again as a woman. I believe this was on Earth (Though can't be 100% sure) and the shower looked kind of modern I guess. (Though the lights were dimmed pretty good)

4. I honestly don't know if this is just me thinking this is how it'd feel if a girl felt that way in terms of doing certain things such as kissing and so on but I have had a few times where I felt that way. Really this is a different type since it's not a memory in the head but my body actually felt those same feelings but again, not sure if this is just me thinking that's how it'd feel since I know how it works/looks and such and therefore somehow tricking my body into feeling those things. (Though there's a chance I might be intersex so maybe that explains it?)

5. I think that's it, other than I might have some memories of London but again nor sure there and I'm thinking it couldn't have been more than 50-100 years ago for that shower and these "possible" memories of London which have become quite blurry to the point I don't remember them but know I once remembered them.

So all this, and yet, that's not enough proof for me nor can I say for sure any of that is real. What say you all? I'd like to hear what you have to say on this matter and of course, if you can offer any "proof" such as someone clearly remembered certain events from who they once were and later met up with the older sibling and told them those memories and as a result the older sibling could say that's what happened and might have even photo graphed (Taken a picture) that event and to better back up those two people, they took a lie detector test and so on which proved they weren't lying. So proof like that or proof aside from just saying I remember these things.

Now I'd like to say something here. I'm NOT crazy nor do I claim to be someone who was reincarnated, all I'm saying is I have these memories which I shouldn't have and hope to get to the bottom of them.

I'm always a bit skeptical about reincarnation, not that I don't believe it but the vast amount of evidence for it are experiences like yours. While these may be legitimate memories of your own or someone else it's important to recognize that the mind and the imagination are vastless and amorphous. You know how you have a dream and you're in your house, only it looks nothing like it the rooms are different, etc. But you know it's your house! The mind is a strange creature, I've had some extremely strange experiences during my spiritual practices. I see these as massive exercises of the imagination, and just because something is imagined does not mean it is fake, imagined experiences can still evoke emotional and psychological changes in the person.

I say for the moment let them lie, you could explore these memories with meditation or some form of hypnosis though in these states the mind is highly suggestible and you may not end up with any "facts". Experiences like these are good moments for questioning, the universe is a strange and wonderful place and past lives, spirit possession, alien abductions, and such open our eyes to just how strange and wonderful it could be.

Trust me, I haven't underestimated the brain and such. I know it all too well but while I know this, I don't "think" they're fake. Even so, I still can't say for sure. Also I'm not one who likes Hypnosis because it can be suggestive and not to mention it could do you a TON of harm if you're not careful.

Yeah, I said I don't "think" or don't "believe" they're fake, that doesn't mean I don't consider all the possibilities for what they could be.

I have had past life regression done on two occasions.Both were very believable and  coincided with what  I have experienced in this life.
That said, it doesn't matter wither we  believe in it or not, that doesn't make it so or not so.


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