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Perseids Meteors

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I tried to take photos of Perseids Meteors on August 12 and 13. I drove to a nearby highland with my kids at midnight. Unfortunately, we just observed a few meteorites as usual, and failed to take photos of meteor. Instead, I just took several photos of a usual night sky.

Canon EOS550D 30" F/5.0 ISO 1600


Looks like a wonderful clear night. Was fairly warm there?

I really want to see Meteors and the Northern Lights. Nice photo!


--- Quote from: LordKAT on August 24, 2013, 08:28:45 pm ---Looks like a wonderful clear night. Was fairly warm there?

--- End quote ---

It was one of the hottest days, but was chilly in the highland (500 m altitude). We brought jackets and blankets. Other people were also around us, but left in 10-20 minutes to bring long jackets.

Barbie ~ ~

WOW! Very pretty barbie. I always loved the look of a starry night sky.


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