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Bleeding from urethra 1.5 years after double-orchiectomy.

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Any time you have an unusual body condition, you need to be seen by a doctor.

Your situation as you described is very unusual. We cannot diagnosis your situation here. You need to be see by a real doctor, preferably an Urologist.


--- Quote from: MirandaLove on December 09, 2020, 12:41:15 pm ---I haven't had surgery but I came here looking for info about blood in urine. 

For me, my sexual function is nearly non-existent. My ejaculate is usually not much more than a drop and seems to be more sticky without all of the normal semen production.  The other night, I had ejaculated in my sleep for the first time in months or even maybe years.  When I went to the bathroom, my urethra felt like it had been sealed shut by my extra sticky <ejaculate>.  My urine shot through that and pulled the channel apart, causing a tear in the urinary tract, causing blood to come out. 

At least that's my theory.  It did heal quickly and there's isn't any more blood but it makes me nervous about ever ejaculating again.

It also makes me wonder about what happens during arousal after bottom surgery, and if there is any secretion of seminal fluid.  If it is the same consistency as what I have now, i don't ever want to be aroused again!!!

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It's probably nothing to do with sticky ejaculate and nothing was sealed shut, you just had an irritation of the urethra, I had a brief time in my late teens where I experimented with urethral play, it only takes a slight infection or a scratch and it'll feel like you're tearing something every time you pee, it's literally as you described, but it goes away after a few days.

I "leak" some nights and it's never caused a problem like that. If it doesn't hurt now when you pee, then you're probably fine.


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