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Hi, have any of you studied a science or sciences?

I have studied natural sciences and health sciences. I love science :)

Northern Jane:
Science was my passion from early grades. That evolved into a love of physics and that led to a career in science & technology. After a great many years and my recent retirement, I would love to go back to uni and pick uni some physics courses!

Oh that's great  ;D

Physics is the science I always kept away from purely because maths is my weak point. I tended to follow biology/human biology and just do the maths that I had to do!!

Northern Jane:
LOL! Many people are like that  ;)

I did very well in math, trig, algebra, everything right up to calculus in college. When I hit calculus, I crashed and burned LOL! Strange thing is that despite nearly 40 years in engineering, only once or twice did I run into a problem I couldn't solve without calculus. On those rare occasions, I just took the problem to someone else to solve  ;D

I love science and have a Science degree in Maths, Geology, & Geography, with Marine science tacked in.

Good mix to make a well educated statement on all this climate change stuff.
It's all about the funding.... ;)

My sister has a PhD in chemistry.
My Mother also had a Hon chemistry degree and was head of the Science department at the local High school
My aunt has a Hon Geology degree like myself
And my dad, the less said about him the better has a Geology degree.

Thus I can say Science runs in the family.
Oh to be a mad scientist!

How I ended up in banking? It's a long story. ???


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