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Do souls have a gender

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Ok, this is a bit personal telling about some things I learned in my journeys but lets see. I do something I call mind journeys - i think others may call it "shamanic journeys" though I dont consider myself a shaman. I did meet some guides there and felt a unity with them as if they are me and I am or was or will be them. One is a androgynous monk-like person, the others are a young and an old female. I do have a belief in something that may be called rebirth and think that while in some sense "we are all one" but in another we are all parts of that one that are experiencing some separation to live in this world. Now as it seems to me that there are souls that can be reborn and that keep a connection to the lives of the others - do souls have a gender? I feel that on one hand I think I do have a female soul, meeting the guides-that-are-me and most of them clearly being female, but at the same time I somehow feel that in the world beyond ours where the souls meet, there is no gender (represented by the androgynous monk that never speaks). What do you think and how can it be that sould do have a gender and then they don't? If you get what I am seeing there.

Interesting way to describe it. I was thinking a similar thing with the guides who are more distant, more in the realm where souls just are as souls and that was an androgynous spiritual person that does not even speak. The more worldly guides are female though. So if a soul comes back to be again in the physical realm, will it tend to choose a particular gender? Or will it just find it easier to connect with others in the otherworld that have experienced or will experience the same gendered existence?
I know that the interpretations of all this is up to a personal view. The way i describe it is that every one is looking at what is though a little window shaped in the way ones own mind and soul is shaped by the life in this world. And we all look through our own windoes at what really is from different angles and with different parts not visible. Some things are just visible for most of us, others look just different from different angles and others are simply invisible to some. But I think that what is there is there and not subject to what we as individuals believe.

Emma Morgaine:

--- Quote from: Joules on September 10, 2013, 05:54:01 pm ---This is all up to personal belief, thus there is no one "right" answer, or at least one that we'll never know.

I believe in the "napkin ring" theory, I am just part of a universal ethereal fabric that has been gathered into a bunch and pulled into my present form through a "napkin ring" of sorts.  The napkin ring has a gender, my soul does not.  Gender is just significant in this physical realm, I'll leave it behind when my napkin ring fails to hold me here any longer, and return to being just another part of the fabric that I have always belonged to.

--- End quote ---

i love this. I agree.

It seems unlikely that souls have a gender, and much more likely that they have a "preferred gender"

That is, the soul could take on different forms, but prefers some over others.

Jessica Merriman:
I personally feel my soul is female thus the journey into transition. Something I can't explain inside me just says female. I think the soul is what drives me to do this.  :)


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