Author Topic: Police investigating after ‘transsexual’ man denied access to women’s washroom  (Read 1465 times)

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Police investigating after ‘transsexual’ man denied access to women’s washroom
HILARY WHITE, Aug 27, 2013 16:28 EST

An 18-year-old “transsexual” man in Edinburgh is filing hate crime charges against a shopping centre guard after being told that he could not use women’s lavatories.

The Daily Record reported that the young man, River Song, whom the paper referred to as a “woman waiting for a sex-change,” complained to police on Monday when a security guard at St. James shopping centre allegedly told him, “You are a male and always will be.”

Describing the incident, Song said, “He pulled me aside and asked if I’d had a sex change. I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing but I answered him, saying no.

“He then asked me, ‘Why have you used the female bathrooms if you haven’t had a sex change?’ He asked for my ID, which I showed him. As he glanced at it, he said, ‘This is a male. You are a male and always will be a male.’”


It's awful that this happened. It seems that someone somewhere is always discriminated against similarly.  >:(

The one good thing about this article, is the woman's name. ;)

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Don't forget to put your clock back 50 years if you go to Scotland

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Wow.. crazy and I'm actually thinking of visiting Scotland.. harsh.. may need to rethink. Thx for this.
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