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Alex Wilson, transgender nursing student, denied access to vocational school bathrooms
CBS News, Aug 27, 2013, 12:45 PM

A Safety Harbor transgender nursing student says her Pinellas vocational school isn't allowing her to use the women's restroom.

Alex Wilson, 25, has been living as a woman for four years. Now the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida is getting involved on her behalf...

Wilson, who's transgender, was born a boy but since she was 12 she said she's identified with being female. She's currently undergoing gender transition right now. She mentioned that to some of her fellow classmates recently, and a month later she said she was called into the office.

"Basically told that I can't use the women's restroom and I can't use the men's restroom- and the only restroom I was given access to at that time was a storage room that did not lock from the inside," Wilson explained.

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Alex posted about this on another web site and was definitely distressed about it. I hope she can resolve this successfully in her favor.
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ACLU insists that transgender man be allowed to use women’s bathroom

*** Warning - Pronouns ***

The American Civil Liberties Union has now filed a complaint on behalf of Alex Wilson, the transgender student in Florida who says he is a discrimination victim because the trade school he attends has prohibited him from using the women’s restroom.

Back in July, administrators at Pinellas Technical Education Center — a public school in Clearwater, Fla. — informed Wilson that he had to stop using the women’s restroom after an unidentified student complained. (RELATED: Florida transgender student barred from using women’s bathroom)

Wilson was born male and is four years into a hormone therapy process designed to transform him into a female. However, he hasn’t undergone gender reassignment surgery. He is taking classes so he can become a licensed practical nurse.

School officials told Wilson he could use a facility in an inconvenient storage area, which he finds humiliating, reported Tampa NBC affiliate WFLA.

Full article at the link

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And another in a series of articles that feel compelled to mention someone's irrelevant surgical status.

Does someone speak out when this happens? Or do we just sit by like sheep figuring that there's just nothing we can do about it?

Makes me more than a bit queasy.
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