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Anybody else sew their own ("soul gender"-appropriate) clothing?

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I'm looking to see if there's anyone else at this site who sews most of his/her/zir own clothes.  At least, the ones that aren't "appropriate" to their assigned gender.

I started making skirts because I like full, not clingy skirts, and nobody sells them, especially not in my size (waist: 46 inches.)  I hate skirts that bind at the hips.   Also, I go (contra) dancing roughly once a week and I like to have fun, dressy, super-twirly skirts for that.  I also make lots of petticoats/half-slips in various sizes and fabrics to go under the skirts.  Lately I've been working on jumpers (in the USA sense -- I believe in the UK they call them "pinnafores") and have made an "underdress" and plan to make more.  I've done about 3 dresses (two of which I still have stuff to do on), but I'm not entirely satisfied with the results.  I pretty much don't use a pattern, which is why skirts are easy (either a cylinder gathered at the top, or a cone) and bodices and sleeves are hard.  I've assumed I can't get a dress or pattern that would fit me well, anyway.

On my wish list -- that is, stuff I'd like to learn how to make.

-- a good pouffy petticoat (like in the 1950's, or for square dance.  The ones I can buy aren't pouffy enough.)
-- leotard/body suit.  (I've been buying from, but they only have dull, depressing colors.)
-- "french maid" dress: the frilly kind, or maybe the kinky kind, not the skimpy ones.
-- tutu.  Somewhere between the "bit of tulle tied around the waist" and a pro ballerina one.  None of the brick-and-mortar fabric stores seem to sell stiff enough net.

I have quite of collection of fabric that I'm planning to turn into something or other someday (I should live so long!)  I started buying fabric without a specific project in mind because you never know when you can find any particular fiber, weave, or color.  (Online buying would be a possibility -- if the on-line stores knew anything about fabric.  I mean, calling a loose plain weave "twill" or "poplin" is ridiculous!)

I have plans to and have started some, but need more practice sewing first. I like a style that my mom calls "waif pirate punk" (among others) and I can't find clothes in stores that I like, so the next logical step is to make them myself.
On my wish list that does not include costumes (which I would wear everyday if I could) I have...
-baggy pants that are ripped and look like they have leaves
-baggy pants with one leg as one colour and one leg as the other
-other pants that are ripped, have patchwork, etc.
-a red vest with patches and things hanging off it (I have fake coins and ribbon that looks like old maps)
-vests of various kinds

On the topic of skirts, I once had the coolest skirt ever. It was long, flowy, and fun to twirl in.


--- Quote from: Asche on September 25, 2013, 06:31:25 pm ---I'm looking to see if there's anyone else at this site who sews most of his/her/zir own clothes.

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Hi Asche,
I started to sew a few months ago and I LOVE IT!!!! I noticed a few years ago at the beginning of my transition that I have a problem with most dresses and pants I purchased. I'm tall, 6 tall, I have a proportionate female body but dresses never fit well on my waist, always to high because my high. This is not only an issue for TG women but GG that are tall have the same problem. Also pants fit shorter, length and the rise.. Now, i can purchase those pants I can fixed them and play a little be with the sew machine that is a real fun hobby.... Is like doing yoga, or even meditating because your mind is focus and is so relaxing...

I found a website with a large variety of patterns, and the best is that you can customize them at your size. It cost around $2.75 each pattern and they send you a pdf file that you can send to FEDEX to print via email..  Let me know..


DIYed few...

I feel weary for that...

Actively making new clothes myself here. It's hard, but luckily I've got a boyfriend who knows way more than i do with sewing.

All sorts of pants and fun things. Wrap pants are awesome and fun to wear. Not to mention we're going to make kilts for him, boxers... Because of my size and how I'm proportioned now, making my own pants and such is kinda of my only option seeing as buying things in 'that section' of the store just leads to anger or tears for me :I

Mainly because everything's hideous. I'm a little bit of a fashion guy, so that doesn't help.


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