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From CD to TS?

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          I disagree with the idea that all, most or even many transsexuals start out as crossdressers. My understanding is that a crossdresser enjoys dressing and acting female (male) at times but is comfortable in the male (female) role.  Dressing in clothes of the opposite sex at times may be crossdressing but does not mean the person is a crossdresser.  I understand what many of you mean in the posts above if you replace crossdresser with crossdressing. If not I completely disagree. It is similar to calling an actor who played "Mrs. Doubtfire" or whatever a crossdresser. Crossdressing can be done for many different reasons but a "crossdresser" isn't transsexual, there may be a few who are in denial or undiscovered by themselves but it is no way a significant portion of transsexuals IMO.


To all that have said their piece here, I have given it alot of thought and consideration, and yes I have to agree with a large percentage that there will be some disagreement with what I may be thinking. So please don't worry. I will not be leaving for any amount of time. I'd really would miss y'all very much. I've really grown close to y'all.  :)  :)  :)


Good to hear young lady,

I have to say the feelings mutual.


I would have to agree with Cassandra, I felt the same way as her.  I just wish I had not built up this fake male image, because it just makes it harder to show your true self.

Teri Anne:
Jessica, you said, "Maybe it is because I am ... as some texts suggest... not intelligent enough to truely accept and understand  that gender identity and biological sex are independent of one another."

Some of the smartest people I know also question things and don't take for granted things that are told to them.  Without Galileo questioing things, society would have had to wait awhile to find out that the world is round.  I have trouble believing, without doubt, that there's a Jesus.  Am I smart or not smart for thinking that?  I say it's neither.  A recent Time magazine theorized that some people may have brains that are structured so they're more likely to believe in religion.  There were no conclusions.

One of the most famous post op TS's, Renee Richards (a tennis star/ eye doctor), felt that, in the end, transitioning was something she HAD to do.  Even with her brilliant medical mind, she couldn't explain it.  Sometimes you just have to go on "gut instinct" because you can't wait fifty years to find out what the real medical reason determines.  And, as we know, today's discovery is tomorrow's bad idea.  Go with what YOU feel.


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