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From CD to TS?

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I think that the theory that I have been espousing for some time that we are not one or another but living somewhere on a continuum is being confirmed in this conversation.

For each of us the experience of being TG is a personal one and there are some who experience it in a similar way to that which we do. While others experience it quite differently to how we experience it. This I think is the human factor of what we are and as no two human beings experience life exactly the same way nor do TG's all share exactly the same experience.

There you go Shelle's look on the more serious side of life.


First off, as I said, it was just my opinion that we start off as cross-dressers, but as for some , their mind set is 'female' even though they have a 'male' body, which can be brought on from their environment. Some feel the need to get all dressed up to become that female that they feel is trapped within themselves. Everybody is different. But I've always been under the impression that as soon as a male puts on a piece of clothing (or even lingerie) that is made for a woman, he is considered 'cross-dressing.'

Now this will be my final post. A certain member of this support group doesn't like me, and she continues to cut me down, like my thoughts are pointless. Right now, I am in a very vulnerable state of mind.  :(


Sarah Louise:
Gina, your posts aren't "pointless" they are your point of view, that does not mean that everyone here will agree with you.  And for some TS girls calling them "crossdressers" is like waving a red flag infront of a bull.

Each of us has gone through different cycles during our growing up period.  I knew something was wrong with me when I was around 5, I felt like a girl and wanted to be a girl.  For those of us who are older (and I am one of them, born in 1944) there wasn't information around about these issues when I was young.  We couldn't find out about TSism and yes society of our time (50's) probably did consider us crossdressers, I never thought about it myself.  I would not have know what a crossdresser was, much less what GID was.

When you say that "environment" brought on our GID I think your spouting what your shrink has told you.  Environment has nothing to do with our minds telling us that we have a problem with our body.

You always fall back on your "vulnerable state of mind", that is a crutch.  Your not the only one with problems.  I realize that your accident has put you under additional stress, but you have to try to move forward and accept your limitations or problems. 

I'm a great one to talk, I have been known to crumble and lash out  under stress too.

I haven't been posting much lately because I have been going through a period of frustration and haven't wanted to let my personal anger come out in my posts, saying something I will regret later.


                         It is common for their to be disagreement with all of us Gina. Some have more tact than others when they disagree but no one is purpopsely singling you out to disagree with.  Stay with us, it will be better for you and for us to share in your experiences and point of view. I've had my feelings hurt here at times but that is well worth it considering the benefits that I receive.



You can say what ever you want to say. But every time I post, this certain person makes me feel like my  posts are pointless. You see one of the problems with frontal lobe damage is that I have no conscience, and so it doesn't really bother me one way or another.

But I am sorry for waving that red flag as you  put it. It was just a misunderstanding.

My psychiatrist is only there for evaluating my medicine. I see my psychologist for therapy.

I'm sorry, but my mental health seems to be getting worse, and I don't mean to lean on it as a crutch. But with my type of problms facing me how does anyone expect me to move forward and accept my limitations and problems. It's like I've been climbing down a long shaft and I've finally reached the end of my rope. The frayed ends of sanity.  ???

Thank you Beth for your kind and heartfelt words, but I'm just in a hurt sort of mood right now, were all I'd like to do is find some dark place to curdle into and cry  :(



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