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unless for a pair of "special" earrings I find no problems with lost backs.  I commonly see the displays of cheap earrings and such at stores and often see cards which have several different types of earrings on them (Juvinile Jewelry) and find I like one of the sets in particular for knock around daily wear and so purchase the combined sets, leaving the ones I'm not to fond of as junk and so have the backs for replacements.  These do not go well with finer gold and gold leaf figures though and for those I must go to a jewelry store as suggested.  You don't put a sow on a silk purse.

Also I find I like the "cylinder" type of back more then the thin "bow" type, as they are easier to remove when I go to bed.  better grip for my fingers and less pressure on thiner firgures when taking them off.  I like things like tiny animal figures and my favorite set is a pair of tiny, very delicately thin gold leaf rocking horses I got on the day my HRTscripts were first issued when I arrived at Redwood city early for the appointment and took a tour throug a nearby shopping center for something to do, though my unicorns are second favorite.

Another interesting thing about earrings.  I have both post and hook types and sometimes remove the hook from a nice set and attach it in my ears with a diamond or zerc stud through the hook hole, sometimes making for a very unique and interesting appeal.  One such set is a set of fine black hills oak leaves using real diamond studs to attach them.  The natural luster and "glow" of the gold with the prismatic effects of the diamonds is very charming and i get many requests to look at them closer and many want to know where I got them.


i live in england, where do you think i could find underwear to make it morecomfatable having genitials and wearing tights and stuff

Have you tried Marks and Spencer? Bloody expensive undies, but well built, if that's what you're needing.


doncha hate that?

panties are so delicate....

BVD's will last through the next apocolypse, but nooooooo, panties unravel after 10 trips through the wash :icon_chuckel:

cheers i haven't tried marks and spencers but i will try, if i can :)


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