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Well i have recently gained a very heavy interest into metaphysics, and the spiritual connections it can give me with my creator mother earth.  Since i have read into a little, i have gained a new wish to learn all that i can about it.  I wish to suck in all of the information I can.

So basically what i am asking is what has been everyone's experience with metaphysics.  Who uses tools and what type do they use?  How do you make your connection with whatever spirits on this earth you wish to connect with?  How do you make use of your spirituality in this manner?

Im just supercurious and wish to learn all that i can to make use of that info.

So please let me know of any experiences you have had in this field, im just wanting to experiment and find what feels right to me.

They also have a nightly radio show that talks about all sorts of unusual things but not always about metaphysics. It's on the am dial.

What you are attempting to do is very dangerous Rachel. But hey dont let me stop you. Once you open the door to the spiritual realm it is very difficult almost impossible to close. If your perception has allowed this to happen allready I say welcome! Things are not what they seem in metaphysics. Remember to visualise things and they will happen appropriately. Always remember to ground yourself with the fact that Mother Earth is your strongest friend and ally. She is a self aware sentient being that has no equal in this Galaxy. Everything comes and goes through her. So dont look up, look down. Also spirits dont like human technology very much. If you went looking for them with tools youd probally scare them. Unless your tools are made by you from earthly materials. That would attract them to you. One thing I have learnt is its easier for women. To contact mother Earth

My tools would be crystals mostly.

And Earth is my strongest element and the one i feel most connected too, it makes me the most happy.  I would not use technology to get in contact with the earth, that is just silly.

Today though, i went out to a small plant near my house and put some positive energy into it to promote its growth, it felt all warm and happy.  Maybe i can help it grow big and strong. -me beams a smile-

Cool Rach! Nice one. You will have to show a before and after pic. Like transition. The plant seems like it likes you. Its attracted you to it hasnt it?


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