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Hi, Stephen,

Before I begin, welcome to Susan's.

Very interesting read. Would you by chance be a student to be Shaman? I learned much of both Shamanism and Wicca some years ago there are some very interesting legends and traditions.  I was born an empath and I am two-spirited so I am not a stranger to knowing about the four earth elements, the movement of the elements of the Universe, and spirituality.  Both faiths have a similarity as far as earth, air, fire and water go, the planetary elements.

The Ojibwa Natives of Ontario call the Sun Father, the Earth Mother, Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Stars. From the Grandfather Stars we came and to the Grandfather Stars so shall we return. I have also discovered that being on HRT may amplify ones sensitivities and perception to the elements and energies around one's self.

When I started transitioning, my heightened sensitivities nearly drove me batty. I couldn't even go out of the apartment from August 2007 when my mate and I moved here to Vancouver, BC. until the end of January 2008.  But that was not without determination and plain forcing myself to do so. I have learned to a greater degree how to use the elements to allow the energies to flow around and through me. It works quite well. 

I am also aware when my energy fields go up to the point a lot of people feel it although I don't believe they know what it is as such. Sometimes these energies are extreme but if it is positive energy it affects people around me likewise.  It feels good to affect folks in a positive manner. 


Shamanism is one area I have been looking into as it seems to fit really well with my ideas. I have my ideas and try to find stuff to incorporate them with. I do not just take one religion I combine many into what my idea (belief) system is.

Hi Stephen, so have I, gathered information and compared one with the other added some to this and removing some from here and replacing it with that, a quilt work faith. Why stagnate in one place when there is an infinitum of ideas and theories out there. It is a wonderful thing though to see science actually doing research into the spiritual in order to get around the gaps between reality, well reality as perceived through there eyes and mind. Eventually all roads will lead to the infinite potentialities and all will be as magic.



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