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i dont know, i just felt compelled to help it, i should do some more.

Well, this is one of my favorite subjects. I dont know where to start. What I will say is that I feel connected with all the Universe, as well as Mother Earth. I have been "dabbling" in Metaphysics for over 20 years. I have belonged to a Metaphysical church for about 25 years, have learned to meditate, and "tune in", and have learned the true meaneing of prosperity. And that includes money. I do not believe that money is evil. I see it used for evil, but it is only a tool. My prosperity is also the ability to transition and be not only tolerated, but respected, and even revered. I also believe that the so called "literal" interpretation of the Bible is what has gotten us in most of our troubles. The folks who are engaging in that practice are involved in very harmful and dangerous hate groups. Recently, their control of the Republican Party has resulted in our government being controlled by a fearful, hateful religious fanaticism. They would drive the human race into oblivion, if they could. But dont get me started. They dont realize it, calling us New Agers, but actually, Metaphysics is much older than Fundamental Christianity, or any Christianity, for that matter.

This is how to open the door to the imagination where basically you are capable of also being able to potentially open doors into the metaverses. The creativity of the mind can be converted into physical realities, Well realities as we know it which is all a relativity of what we perceive of this world as real. This universe is in actuality like a large Holodeck. A universal illusion that can be manipulated with the mind that with sufficient concentration, determination and believing in your potential capabilities in the manifestation of whatever you desire is.

Here is a small example that this world is an illusion. If you were to take ten people in a field standing in a circle examining the same flower. What do you think would be the result? The result would be that each individual would have a different concept of that same flower.

Or how about the would be witnesses looking through the one way glass at the suspect criminal lineup, again each will come back with a different perception of what they think the suspect looks like.

Ever get that feeling when you come to a certain place and you remember seeing something there but is not there now and just quite can't remember what it was?

One could also describe the Universe as as a photonic hologram because basically if one breaks down everything to it's tiniest particles, you will find that all is made of the tiniest of energy particles, photons.

The metaphysical grid or matrix, well that's getting into another complete chapter of it's own which I will touch briefly upon here.

Our reality is a holographic grid program created by thought consciousness that repeats in cycles and can be best understood by studying Sacred Geometry. The grids are a matrix of sound, light and color through which we virtually experience time and emotion. The grids are electromagnetic in physical reality thus creating polarity or duality of experience, always seeking to restore balance. In the process of awakening to one's learning and emotional challenges, moving through a healing process in which they want to heal themselves by healing others, one creates balance, increases their psychic abilities, and a final understanding of the nature of reality and where it is all going. Reality is about the evolution of consciousness in the alchemy of time.



Hi Rachel,

If you are interested in metaphysics then I would recommend finding some discipline (not the B&D kind) and practice it. Meditation is where most people start but It is hard to keep centered when you first start. I do chanting and I like it because I just have to do it. I don't have to clear my mind or feel peaceful or anything like that. Of course, after doing it a few months I began to have extraordinary experiences and feeling calm and peaceful. Now it is easy for me to meditate but it wasn't easy to start.

I recommend you get the DVD 'The Secret behind the Secret' by Esther Hicks and the Quantum Edition of ' What the Bleep Do We Know' (the 3 DVD edition). These are both inexpensive and filled with lots of advice for getting in touch with those parts of your mind that have been hidden to you. They also have lots of techniques for breaking bad thought patterns. Bad, as defined by you. Another thing is that when you start doing this stuff you will feel uncomfortable because you are tying to institute change and the parts of your personality that are in charge now will resist (like the intellect). Some people, at this stage, say "I'm not comfortable with this stuff so I will wait until I am comfortable." If you get into that mind set nothing will change for you. In your case it sounds like you are interested in improving your sensitivity rather than changing. The same principle applies.

You are embarking on a great adventure. It is not dangerous. It is illuminating.

The reason I mention these DVDs is because you will be introduced to many people, in many fields, talking about many approaches to increased understanding and something therein will appeal to you. Then you can pursue that person or technique for more information.

Hi all, I thought this might be of interest to you.

I have always hypothesized that any alien space craft that have successfully traversed the intergalactic distance between stars, or possibly interdimensionally would have needed the ability to alter the form of their star-ship and themselves into energy from their state as matter.  Well, it appears that something along this line may have been detected happening within the range of astronomers' telescopes.

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