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Pepakura - paper craft models


Anyone else here do/done any pepakura (paper craft) models? Its a pretty good way of replicating things that may otherwise be difficult to do. I find its a good way of replicating items for props particuarly. You can do pretty much anything with it as it produces 3D models in 1:1 scale from helmets and weapons to costume parts. As long as you can find the file for it you can make it. If not you can ask if someone will make the file you need in order to put it together. It will start off life as bits of paper but will end up pretty solid once its resined and fibreglassed

It does take skill to finish them off to a good standard in terms of detailing and painting. That will be the hardest part for me. None of mine are currently close to being finished but these are my latest ones. Done more but made them a few years ago and unlikely to be taking them further

My current fav is Loki's helmet

Fibreglass will be completed today then I need to strengthen inside the horns before I can add body filler to the outside to begin smoothing it off. The horns alone took around 4 hours to make, the whole thing probably around 20 hours of cutting and gluing work to complete

On to show scale

Now at the body filler stage, Malfatto's mask from Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

X-men Cyclops' visor

My 2 furthest ahead models, both on the body filler stage. Mega Man X helmet, currently on 2nd coat of filler

Hopefully it doesnt need another layer, might get away with spot putty on remaining cracks

This was the 2nd model I ever made a few years ago, looking back on it now its really not well made but Im going ahead with it anyway. Halo Mark VI helmet

I am still working on making Thor's helmet, not got much done yet. Have a feeling it might turn out to be too small but I cant tell yet so will continue with it

Maybe unlikely anyone else here will have done this stuff but if so would be cool to see them

Loki helmet progress

First coat of glazing putty on. Still needs alot of sanding and detailing before I can spray it. Not bothering to bondo this as it no longer fits me so theres no point. Its just going to be a display piece now. Will need to make another one scaled up about 20% so I can wear it

I can just get it on but its extremely tight pressing into my head so its effectively unwearable for me. Would fit a smaller sized head though I am a medium

I finished my Thor helmet and as expected its way too small. Like small child/baby sized. Needs severe upscaling at least 50% bigger to make it wearable. Again a display piece only


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