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US adults are dumber than the average human. A scientific fact seemingly!!!

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I didn't want to post this - the Devil made me!!!

Jessica Merriman:
Hi Cindy! As a former paramedic/firefighter I could have saved you the reading on this one. It didn't take very long on the street's for me to see the writing on the wall. I didn't call it stupidity, but job security. Some of the things I witnessed were just so incredibly dumb that I am surprised we are still a super power. It seems like they never learned from their dingy actions. The same people over and over did the same incredible things upping their injuries every time. Then, they procreated! The next generations were worse building on behaviors that seemed insane the first time around. What scares the stuffing out of me is if they survive they will be taking care of me in the future. Come on zombie apocalypse! These comments do not or should not upset anyone here though because I think we have a fine family here. Maybe we are the intelligent, well adjusted and the "normal" people in the large general population are the one's with the issue's. What do you think? I feel like that is accurate. Anyway, yes, for some reason the U.S. is in big trouble. I suppose I could immigrate................... ;D  ;D  ;D  ;D  ;D

Then again there is nothing that strikes more fear in me than walking into the ED and seeing it staffed by people I taught!

I suppose I could immigrate................... ;D

I've just warned the immigration dept to keep an eye out for you; they have BANNED you >:-)

Jessica Merriman:
I knew it! You and Devlyn have to be sisters *giggle*

Cindy, All you have to do is look at the state of our goverment to figure out that we are not as inteligent as the rest of the world. They can't balance a budget, they live beyond their means, they borrow money to pay off loans, they shot first and ask questions later. And these are our elected officals so what does that say about the rest of us? 


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