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I'm one of those fitness nuts who has remained surprisingly youthful looking in spite of my age and get a constant barrage of sometimes shocked disbelief and complements for looking so unbelievably young and fit looking. I attribute it to almost 20 years of feminizing HRT, using moisturizers, good workout regimen and lean diet. But as I had complained about in an earlier thread, there are certain places on one's anatomy that fat gets stored and no amount of effort will ever remove it. For born women it's the "Muffin top" and for born males it's the fat buildup around the sides and lower back called "Love Handles." Although I consider that this frame will eventually be rendered into an unsightly heap of ashes, I had to concede that I am alive and well and enjoy looking good in my clothes and would prefer to look my very best while I'm here.

Recently I went to a well known and highly recommended board certified plastic surgeon and had those awful love handles lipo-suctioned away forever. I have been wearing a very tight compression garment around my waist and will have to keep it on for six weeks. I removed it this morning for awhile and noticed some interesting changes to more than just my mid section. Not only do I see that now that the swelling and bruising is all but gone that I suddenly have beautiful definition at my waistline, but something else is happening now that those fat cells have been removed forever and never will be able to fill back up. It seems that any new fat that I am experiencing from my recent inactivity and inability to resume my exercise regimen is occurring in my breasts and on my butt and hips rather than on my mid section. I felt that I had to write about it for the sake of others who might consider this procedure and benefit from the added side effects.

So there is hope!


--- Quote from: LordKAT on October 27, 2013, 10:51:16 am ---So there is hope!

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My cis spouse with formerly the flattest tummy ever had her muffin top done a few days earlier and is back in teenage form again, she looks hot!


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