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Hi!  I'm new to this site.  My SO introduced me to it.  I have read the other entries here and find it all very interesting.  My SO is the first person that I have known or had a relationship with who is intersexed.  I have always consider myself to be a heterosexual female. Even though there maybe parts of him that is female like he is all male to me.  Honestly, I don't care if he is an ape, I love him with all my heart and soul.  I have been married before and have beautiful children. Never have I had a relationship that I has taught me so much.  Not only has he taught me that everything is NOT black and white, but he has also taught me that love IS as wonderful as they make it seem in the movies!!!  :)  I'm honestly ashamed of how I have felt about people who have gender issues.  I guess I should say I am ashamed of how I HAVEN'T thought about them.  I had my ignorant opinon and didn't give it much thought other than that.  I've always heard that "they" didn't choose to be this way.  Not until I met my SO did I realize that "they" were individuals just as I was who DIDN'T just choose to be this way!  That it is truely a part of them.  ANYWAY.... I could go on for hours... **laughs** I just wanted to see if there was any others out there who are the partners of intersexed or transgender partners who wanted to chat.  I would love to get to know you and hear your stories.  I also would love to get to know others here at this site and welcome all who want to respond.  I'm sure I'll go on about things on here again....I'm one of those women who love to talk.  :D Thanks for taken the time to read this...hope to chat with yall soon!! 


*edit was swapping a misplaced letter back :)

Hello Sazi, welcome to Susan’s most wonderful place! (=

This is quite a nice place indeed, I’m glad your SO pointed you in this direction!

I am not a SO, but I don’t like not saying Hello (=

Sazi, get  yer guy on here - I'm the only FtM at the moment!

He's a lucky guy and there's no need to feel ashamed of the way you have felt in the past. You've clearly progressed light years from there.


Hi 4years... thanks for saying Hi!! I do think this is a very nice place!!  Hope all is well with you!  Talk to you soon! 

Sazi :)

Hi Dennis!!!  :) He has a new ID on here... he will be posting a message soon!  I know he would like to talk to you...I will make sure that he sends ya a message!!  Do you have a SO? How is the transition going for you? How are your family and friends handling it? **laughs** Told yall I talk alot! 

Thanks for saying that about me being ashamed.  I have come along way from the way I use to think.  I was born and raised in the south.  Even though people from the south are very polite and the hospitality is something that we are known for...I know that there are negitive things that we known for also.  Being afraid to learn new things or thinking that if it doesn't concern us then we won't worry about it is something that is an awful reality.  I've decided to make it my mission to educate people on these issues!!!  It breaks my heart now to think of how they are treated.  And how ignorant people can really be!!!

You know...I don't know about anyone else..but I see that with my is his family that treats him the worse.  I know that he was surprised that after he told me I told him it didn't matter.. that I still loved him!! And I still wanted to be with him! It hurts me to see how his family treats him!  I want to scream at them.. HE IS STILL THE SAME PERSON THAT ALL OF YOU COUNTED ON TO DO EVERYTHING FOR YOU BEFORE!!!!!!! HE STILL HAS THE SAME HEART AND SOUL!!!!  Sorry.. I get really emotional when it comes to stuff like this... *laughs*  ANYWAYS.... Can't wait to talk to you some more...and I will tell him to get his butt on here!!!   **laughs**



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