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--- Quote ---Do you have a SO? How is the transition going for you? How are your family and friends handling it?
--- End quote ---

My partner dumped me within 15 minutes of my telling her I was seeing a therapist about gender issues and possible transitioning and then refused to spend another night in the same house as me. Painful at the time, but it was for the best, as transitioning with a partner who is not 100% supportive would be less than ideal.

Transition is going fine, albeit slowly. My endo has me on 75 mg/two weeks injectible, which is a low dose. I can't remember how old I was when a doctor first said 'at your age' to me, but my endo says a gradual increase in dosage is best for a guy of my age. And so I grind my teeth impatiently and succumb to sound medical principles.

My friends are fantastic and supportive, as is my workplace. My mother is coming around. She is the only family member I have in Canada, as we are immigrants from the UK and my father passed away a couple of years ago. Mum has progressed from a stunned silence with occasional tactless comments, to a state of quasi-acceptance and willingness to learn.


I'm sry to hear that about your partner...but you are right it is better.  A realtionship is hard anyway...adding things to it makes it harder.  You really need and deserve some to give you 100% support!! I'm glad to hear that about your friends and family!!  And I am happy that your mom is coming around.  I know it is hard for some and even though I would love to scream GET A GRIP!!! I know that they need time to adjust too.  I know that not all are as understanding as others. 

I know the dr. situation is my man's is the same way.  He is about to increase his we are getting ready for that.  The side affects I've read about and heard from others are not bad at all.  Some are very good.. **laughs** **blushes**  How old are you anyway??

Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day!!!!


I'm 42. And yeah, some of the side effects can be very beneficial to a partner *wink* I'm just noticing the increase in, er, interest in the opposite sex. I figure on being a 43 year old teenager soon (birthday in July).


Happy early birthday!!!  And yeah..I'm kinda looking forward to the side effects benifits... **laughs**  Have you tried dating? If so how is that working out?  Do you have instant messenger of any kind? Would love to chat with you!  My yahoo is missy_sazi2005 if ya wanna add me! 


Hello Sazi,  I too am new to this.  Recently my partner RoseDawson (member of this site) has  began talking with and sharing with me her feelings about who she is and how she feels.  I hope to learn more and find more people that are in the same situation as I am to share experiances with. I am not always the most talkative but please feel free to message me anytime about anything.



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