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Do you walk to work? Or did you carry your lunch?

"Officer, could you turn off your spotlight, the glare is so bad I can't see to roll..."

Pretzel logic has no end. Hug. Joann

Danielle Emmalee:
I'm so confused.......what's a Devlynism?

From the Merriman-Webster dictionary:

Devlynism (noun) A phrase written by Devlyn and destined for greatness.

It would have been a short topic, so anyone is free to post anything! Hugs, Devlyn

Jessica Merriman:

--- Quote from: Devlyn Marie on November 03, 2013, 03:18:21 pm ---Post anything you like!  Steal mine if you want. Hugs, Devlyn

--- End quote ---

It's not the wind whispering through the trees, It's the tree's whispering to each other. Me 2012
The trouble with you chasing your tail is that when you stop you wind up with your head up your <not allowed>. Me2013
I just shot unicorns out my nose. Me 2013

 ::) Sorry, couldn't resist! Me Today!!! BIG HUGS!! :laugh:

Came up with another one today.

Being human, some people fail at it much more spectacularly than others.


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