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Ideal breast size.

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King Malachite:
I voted "no breast". ;)

But if I ever get a wife, I'd love for her to have a B cup.  Of course I'd still love her if she didn't though.

I suppose that if you're MtF it would depend on a lot of factors like how tall are you and how wide is your chest to begin with. It makes no sense to be a petite type and want B-52's and believe me I have seen some ridiculously huge implants on MtF's that are bound to draw a lot of unneeded attention and ridicule. Any board certified cosmetic surgeon with ethics will discourage anything that doesn't work well with a person's overall body structure.

Home grown models are best by far because they don't have a shelf life and have to be replaced like implants often times do. But one gets whatever the genetic predisposition allows. My personal feeling about that is that they really aren't as important as we make them and in reality some of the prettiest breasts I've ever seen on cis women were just sufficient enough to fill out the darts in blouses and dresses and not so tiny as to make a woman look "flat as a board" or so large as to make the statement "Look at me I have big <not allowed>!"
Breasts aren't what makes the woman and until one makes all the other female attributes a part of the whole package it's best not to come across as a man with boobs. This is from personal experience as I don't qualify and get read the moment I step outside my door each and every day.


--- Quote from: mm on November 06, 2013, 09:48:37 am ---I  am  ftm, so I voted no breasts.

--- End quote ---

I've seen a few FtMs that love their breasts, but others don't, that's why i put the option.

--- Quote from: Bethany Dawn on November 06, 2013, 09:38:17 am ---I'll be very happy with a C cup. I certainly would not want more than that.

--- End quote ---

I do not blame ya, big boobs are overrated if you ask me.

--- Quote from: TaoRaven on November 06, 2013, 09:51:45 am ---I'd be happy with C, but will be lucky to get B...the women in my family aren't known to be fortunate in that area. :/

--- End quote ---

That's ok hun, smaller equals less sagging and back pain at least.

Jill F:
I'm 6'2" and built like a tank.  My band size won't get smaller than 42.

D cups please!

Ms Grace:
I find small breasts to be beautiful, but cis women usually have much smaller and narrower upper torso so that allows As to look great, even when they are tall. I never did any weight training  or athletics so my upper torso isn't as large as it can often be on men my height but it's still a bit larger than the equivalent cis woman so a C or D cup will be my preference to make them stand out a bit more.


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