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Four levels of transition

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Jamie D:
Many psychologists refer to the "four levels of being" when discussing an integrated approach to therapy.  The thinking is it does no good just to address one level, or even one level at a time.  These levels are often defined as the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

For myself, I believe that I have mentally and spiritually accepted my transgenderness.  Mentally, in that I now accept that what I was feeling all those years was really dysphoria, and spiritually, in that I am at peace with that.

I am not sure that emotionally I am transitioned yet, because I still flip back and forth between my male socialization and my innate female.  I am a work in progress.

Physically, because of my health conditions, I may never be able to transition, even if it was the ideal course of action - and that is still open to debate on what and where an androgyne should go.  (I take heed though, of my friend Sarah7's example.)

For many of us, if we do not eventually transition on the physical level, we consider ourselves, non-transitioned.  But is that really a fair assessment?


Perhaps the proper term is non-medically transitioning.

Jamie D:
I know that LearnedHand uses that term in his profile.

I think I am getting at what some people might consider "partial" transitions.  It is fair to be labeled as "non-transitioned"?   (Labeled by others or by ourselves)

To me, nom-transition means you considered transition,  but decided to stay in your old gender rather than assuming your preferred gender as permanent

Jamie D:
I understand where you are coming from Willow.  I was just looking at the description of the board:

A board for trans people of any stripe dealing with the trials of non-transitioning at the moment or ever.

I guess, the fundamental question is, what constitutes "non-transitioning"?


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